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Monday Night Report

 It has been a difficult few past days. A member of my family has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Horror, tears and sadness. Work keeps going. Past 4 days have included the following ... Updated the navigation (top) on my blog: See: Turned a single (too long) page  into three: See: 1980s music Finished Carmel.Dog! Screenshots following of the various sections, done: See: See: See: Have good search results for Palo Alto SEO: Sorry, had to reduce to share whole page with 4 mentions! And Internet Domain News: My site:
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Geneva senior website redone!

Happy to report that a new version of my senior citizen website is online via > You will find translation options on the site and a rare project of VIDEOS, STORIES, and PHOTOGRAPHY by SENIOR CITIZENS of Geneva! Here you see, first, the rather "home made" version which dates back 8 years. And next screenshot is the new, present, update large format, easy to use, and frankly good website. Site:
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